Partnership with Brunel College

Partnership with Brunel College (The Leigh Technology Academy)

Great news – thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of our Chair,  Isa  Davies, our partnership with REC School, Hamilton is going to be supported by Brunel College, part of Leigh Technology Academy, and one of the best secondary schools in Kent (see their FB page).

After an assembly devoted to the work of TLBPET on Wednesday 9th October, staff and pupils nominated TLBPET as their charity for 2013/2014.  This link is really exciting – they will be raising funds for us and sharing their technical expertise!

So far the college has supported our Big Give Christmas Challenge with a generous pledge, are in the middle of a book drive to set up the school’s first library, will be sending a representative to visit the school in December and are committed to developing a resource pack for REC school’s teachers.

This is an absolutely tremendous development for us.  We greatly appreciate the willingness of the young people of Brunel College to open their hearts and minds to how they can make an immediate and practical contribution to better the lives of children who are less fortunate than themselves.

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