Receiving Book Donations from Brunel College

Receiving Book Donations from Brunel College
At very short notice, Isa Davies, Chair of the Board of Trustees, was invited to Brunel College assembly on Wednesday 4th December 2013 to present a prize for the best decorated box designed by tutor groups.  Each Tutor Group had been assigned the task to decorate the box in which they were placing their books.  There being 12 Tutor groups in Brunel College, the task to choose a winning box was definitely not made easy as each group had put so much effort into decorating their box.  A winner had to be chosen!  The box she selected was the one decorated by Tutor Group BR7.  (Photos can be viewed in Gallery).
The staff and students at Brunel College did a magnificent job to donate such a huge amount of books, stationery items, sweets, chocolates,  to further our work at REC primary school in Hamilton Village.  The books will be placed in the school’s first library, which will be built as part of our agreement with the school. We also propose to train some of the teachers on how to manage a library, store the books well, protecting them from insects, rodents, damp and so on, giving the children and staff the value of having and accessing a library.

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