Shipment on its Way!

July 2014

The educational resources donated to the charity over the past few months are about to be shipped to Sierra Leone by Robert Claire Shippers.

The consignment includes clothing comprising of:
• Girls’ blouses (long sleeves, short sleeves blue and blue and white checked, all still in original packaging)
• School skirts (black)
• P E shorts for boys (maroon and blue)
• P E school gym skirts for girls (navy blue)
• Jumpers (for the rainy season)

These items were donated to TLBPET courtesy of Jane Rowlands, through the goodwill of a school outfitter based in South London.

A variety of reading books were donated by the pupils of Brunel College, Dartford. The donated books are predominantly for primary school children but include reference books for teachers and adults to help aid learning/training. The Brunel College pupils also added filled pencil cases, a selection of games and sweets.

The shipment includes an assortment of IT equipment: desktops, monitors, printers etc. donated by a supporter of the charity, Mr Abbess Watfa. Isa Davies added an HP printer, new cartridges and several reams of white A4 paper. Our Patron, Linda Dobbs, was kind enough to add two brand new printers together with cartridges.

Through long discussions and several emails, it was agreed that TLBPET should furnish Hamilton School with individual libraries for every classroom. To facilitate this, included in the consignment are the castors, screws and all necessary equipment required for building these individual libraries. The wood will be purchased in Sierra Leone and building work should commence upon Melrose’s (our project assistant) return to Sierra Leone.

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