Current project update

The TLBPET/Hamilton REC Primary School partnership was born in 2012 after extensive dialogue.  After internal discussions, the senior management team led by the then head teacher, Mrs Johnson, drew up a list of the school’s most pressing needs.  The partnership identified the following areas of collaboration: water supply, shortage of textbooks, need to upgrade teacher skills, the development of a library/resource centre involving the installation of an electricity supply and a computer centre.

The Trustees committed to working with the school to meet these needs.  So far the partnership has succeeded in connecting the school to the main water supply and built standpipes at various points around the school including the toilets and kitchen.  A full complement of textbooks for each class was procured. The latest intervention has been the shipping of books and the commissioning of class book cupboards.  A librarian from the University of Sierra Leone is working with the teachers to promote their library skills.

The school has been proactive in using their own funds and/or influence to paint all the classrooms and obtain building materials from the village authorities.   Exam results have also been improving.

We are hoping to widen the impact of the partnership by including the village community and neighbouring schools in the development of the library/resource centre and the skills workshops for teachers.

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