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May Morgan

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling Psychoddynamic Certificate Inter Cultural Counselling. Now retired but undertakes counselling work within the NHS and Borough of Lewisham’s Psychological Services. One of the original members who started with Lottie in a church hall meeting regularly to discuss how we could make a difference to the lives of young people, particularly the girl child, in Sierra Leone. The passion and vision Lottie had to make this happen, steered me into being part of this group with the belief that we can make a huge difference to children born in a war-torn Sierra Leone. I believe that by supporting the Trust; much needed school resources will be provided ensuring that the young people receive a better education. It is also with the aim of delivering Lottie’s passion and drive for education that steers me to be part of the Trust, and as Kofi Annan said, “To educate girls is to reduce poverty”

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