International Day of the African Child

June 16, 2020

Since 1991, June 16 has been a focus for a celebration of the African Child.  This day of recognition is dedicated to raising awareness of the situation of children in Africa, and on the need for continuing improvement in their educational provision and opportunities.

The Day was inspired by the street protests in Soweto, a suburb of Johannesburg,  in 1976 by school children.  Under the apartheid system, the education provided for black children was of an inferior standard and did little to prepare them for life. The student protesters were met by gunshots and over a hundred were killed and hundreds more wounded.  More information  about the Soweto protests, including  a video clip of news coverage on the BBC’s ‘on this day’ website,

This date has a special significance for us because it is Lottie’s birthday.  She died 21 years ago and we continue to use the charity to advance her passion for and commitment to education.

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