Family Fun Day at University Academy of Engineering

The University Academy of Engineering in Southwark has entered into an exciting partnership with a South London based charity that aims to improve education in Sierra Leone!  The staff and pupils have enthusiastically embraced the study of all aspects of Sierra Leone and have eagerly embarked on fundraising plans for a Family Fun Day at their school on July 18th.
From penalty shootouts, roller-skating, Minecraft games to frozen treats, the pupils have seized with verve the opportunity to run little businesses for the day.  Each stall has undergone a cost analysis and they are designing posters and even some items, like key rings, for sale.  There will also be a range of food and artisan products for sale, a bouncy castle and novelty races.
The Trustees of the The Lottie BettsPriddy Education Trust were impressed by the amount of work the pupils had already done, particularly as they had brought a lot of fresh thinking to the concept of a Family Fun Day.
This all augurs well for a very successful event and funds raised will go towards setting up classroom libraries and a resource centre in a school in Sierra Leone.
The Mayor of Southwark has agreed to distribute the raffle prizes and Miss Sierra Leone (UK) will be opening the event.

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