Donations to Schools

The donations were generously provided by School Aid and Perrymount Primary School, Forest Hill.

The primary schools that received donations were:

  • Hope Preparatory School, New England
  • Freetown Modern Preparatory School, off Collegiate School Road
  • St Paul’s Primary School, Kingtom
  • Leone Preparatory School
  • International School
  • Martile International School
  • Tower Hill Kindergarten and Primary School
  • RonSab Preparatory School

The secondary schools that benefited from these donations were:

  • St Joseph’s Secondary School
  • Prince of Wales School
  • St Edwards Secondary School
  • St Anthony JSS
  • United Methodist Secondary School for Girls
  • Government Model Secondary School
  • Government Rokel Junior Secondary School
  • Tower Hill Municipal Junior Secondary School
  • Akibo-Betts Junior Secondary School
  • Dr S M Broderick Junior Secondary School
  • Fathah Rahman Junior Secondary School
  • Constance Cummings John Memorial Junior Secondary School
  • Dr June Holst Roness Junior Secondary School
  • Amaria Junior Secondary School
  • Laura Dove Vocational Secondary School
  • Bishop Johnson Memorial Secondary School
  • St Anthony’s Boys School
  • Dr June Holst Roness Municipal School
  • Methodist Girls’ High School
  • Beacon High School

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