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Children’s Raffle Prizes at Family Fun Day

The count down begins – only 8 days to go – to the awaited Family Fun Day on Saturday 18th July 2015 at University Academy of Engineering, South Bank, Trafalgar Street, London SE17 2TP from 11:00 – 6:00.  
These are some of the raffle prizes children could win!  Come along on the day and buy your tickets to stand a chance to win one of these and many other exciting raffle prizes, however, for those not able to attend on the day, you can purchase your tickets ahead of time from Trustees or email info@tlbpet.org.uk.  
The day will be packed full of exciting and fun things for the children and the whole family to do including ice bucket challenge, crossbar challenge, penalty shoot-out, sumo wrestling and lots, lots more so come along, have fun and help us raise funds for our continued work on rebuilding Hamilton Rural Primary School, Sierra Leone.

Family Fun Day at University Academy of Engineering

The University Academy of Engineering in Southwark has entered into an exciting partnership with a South London based charity that aims to improve education in Sierra Leone!  The staff and pupils have enthusiastically embraced the study of all aspects of Sierra Leone and have eagerly embarked on fundraising plans for a Family Fun Day at their school on July 18th.
From penalty shootouts, roller-skating, Minecraft games to frozen treats, the pupils have seized with verve the opportunity to run little businesses for the day.  Each stall has undergone a cost analysis and they are designing posters and even some items, like key rings, for sale.  There will also be a range of food and artisan products for sale, a bouncy castle and novelty races.
The Trustees of the The Lottie BettsPriddy Education Trust were impressed by the amount of work the pupils had already done, particularly as they had brought a lot of fresh thinking to the concept of a Family Fun Day.
This all augurs well for a very successful event and funds raised will go towards setting up classroom libraries and a resource centre in a school in Sierra Leone.
The Mayor of Southwark has agreed to distribute the raffle prizes and Miss Sierra Leone (UK) will be opening the event.

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The Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone

The Ebola Crisis may be over, but the physical damage caused to the infrastructure of schools means that TLBPET continues to need your support to rebuild primary schools.



Upcoming activity

Provide solar panels to electrify the school and resource centre: stock with computers, printers, etc. The resource centre will be used by the primary school, nearby secondary school and the village community.

A Happy New Year to our Supporters

A huge thank you to all our friends, including Councillor Dora Dixon-Fyle, The Worshipful Mayor of Southwark, Reverend and Mrs. David Coram, Reverend William George, Derek Vincent, and the Leigh Family who took the time to join us on Sunday 13th December at our carol service at Norbury Baptist Church, made donations, sent good wishes and in many other ways rendered support to make the carol service such a success. All the support was greatly appreciated.

My fellow Trustees and I, would like to take this opportunity to thank our Secretary, Karin Hyde, for her tireless efforts in organising this event.

We had a wonderful service with nine carols and nine readings. The service was graced by a solo performance from a very talented young singer, Jojo Philips (pictured).


Our speaker, Iyamide Thomas, during her address entitled ‘Krio Women: Pioneers in Education’, treated the congregation to an interesting overview of several female Sierra Leonean educators who were trailblazers in their time: Hannah Benka-Coker, Adelaide Casely-Hayford, Lati Hyde-Forster, Constance Cummings-John, Frances Wright and Stella Thomas.

Through the generosity of our many friends, we can further the work of rebuilding primary schools in Sierra Leone thus delivering on our aims – one of them being, providing a series of educational activities for Sierra Leonean children and young people, in order to cultivate a positive cultural identity and a sense of belonging and in the words of Martin Luther King, “Intelligence plus character, that is the goal of true education”.

We take this opportunity to wish all our supporters a Happy and Prosperous New Year, with good health, wealth and happiness.




Donations to Schools

The donations were generously provided by School Aid and Perrymount Primary School, Forest Hill.

The primary schools that received donations were:

  • Hope Preparatory School, New England
  • Freetown Modern Preparatory School, off Collegiate School Road
  • St Paul’s Primary School, Kingtom
  • Leone Preparatory School
  • International School
  • Martile International School
  • Tower Hill Kindergarten and Primary School
  • RonSab Preparatory School

The secondary schools that benefited from these donations were:

  • St Joseph’s Secondary School
  • Prince of Wales School
  • St Edwards Secondary School
  • St Anthony JSS
  • United Methodist Secondary School for Girls
  • Government Model Secondary School
  • Government Rokel Junior Secondary School
  • Tower Hill Municipal Junior Secondary School
  • Akibo-Betts Junior Secondary School
  • Dr S M Broderick Junior Secondary School
  • Fathah Rahman Junior Secondary School
  • Constance Cummings John Memorial Junior Secondary School
  • Dr June Holst Roness Junior Secondary School
  • Amaria Junior Secondary School
  • Laura Dove Vocational Secondary School
  • Bishop Johnson Memorial Secondary School
  • St Anthony’s Boys School
  • Dr June Holst Roness Municipal School
  • Methodist Girls’ High School
  • Beacon High School

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